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Green Sparkle Jet Value?


Hey guys! So I have a Gretsch 6129-TG I came into on a trade. I love it and it’s a great compliment to my Country Gentleman II. I’ve just had a lot of trouble finding anything on it, and I’d love to know if anyone has an idea on value. I believe it’s an 02, but I’ll have to check the serial number again tomorrow. It’s either an 02 or ‘12.

Does anyone happen to know what the estimated value is on these? It’s in pretty great shape outside of buckle rash on the back.


There's a NOS 2011 on Reverb now for $1799. I'd say $1400 would be a fair price for a used one, but if yours is a 2002, which is pre-FMIC, it would be slightly less valuable.


Do you have a link? The only one I can find is listed at $3450 for a MIJ Green Sparkle.


My instinct was also to put it between 1,200.00 and 1,700.00, depending on condition.

Jets have been very consistent in quality and playability over the time period in question, but in general have gotten consistently better in spec and "vintage fidelity" as well. Most buyers will, I think, prefer FMIC-era to the previous generation. If they're particularly interested in getting a guitar that complies best with vintage practice (particularly body chambering), newer guitars in that range (2003-present) will be at least slightly preferred over older.

And you can find pretty-much-like-new recent Jets in the 1,700.00 range - certainly under 2,000.00.

In this connection, it matters a lot whether yours is a 2002 (pre-FMIC) or 2012.

In general, Jets of either era (nineties to 2002 and 2003-present) are not particularly rare, and change hands often. Clearly the green sparkle was made in lower numbers than many other varieties, but it's also one of the more divisive finishes: them what loves it, loves it - but I think, given the quantity of Jets to choose from, many more prospective buyers will simply cross it off their list from the git-go. (Unless it's either in such fabulous condition for the price that they overcome aesthetic reservations, and/or the price is so low they'd feel stupid for passing on it, figuring they could always flip it.)

Nother words, green sparkle is neither so rare nor so desirable that condition doesn't matter. I get that yours is in "pretty great shape" - but "outside of buckle rash" is a red flag, at least for me. I guess it would matter how extensive in area, and how deep, the buckle rash is - and it does suggest it's a good enough guitar to have inspired lots of play - but I think in the contemporary used market, especially for modern guitars, buckle rash is a significant issue to many buyers. There are just too many guitars out there that are near-mint cosmetically.

I'd have to see the back of the guitar to appraise it more closely, but I think the buckle rash depresses the value. That, together with its likely pre-FMIC manufacture, explain a relatively lower valuation.

Unless I'm wrong, which happens frequently.

In any case, none of the above suggests it's not a great guitar. I've rarely met a Jet I didn't like.


So I was a bit off on the date! It's an '07. As for the buck rash, I've attached a photo! the majority is minor scratches that could be buffed out with ease (I see no reason to - I play it fairly regularly) and two large scratches that aren't deep at all, again probably something that could be buffed out.

More just curious to know! I don't have any reason to sell, as I work for a church, so I play a TON of worship guitar

I figured a valuation of around 3K like the listing on Reverb was not accurate, but I have been curious because of the unique finish and that I can find hardly anything on it outside of a manufacture window of '03-'14.


Ah. Little of that rises to the level of (my definition of) buckle rash, which has to include wormy indentations into the wood. From what I see, most or all of that could be buffed out.

I think the caveats about the divisive nature of green sparkle still apply, but based on that info, I'd put it more at 1,600.00 or so.


Beautiful guitar! Hang on to that one.


Thanks for the estimated value! Just like to know what I come across. I traded a Mexican Strat for a USA Emerson Custom from when they used to build guitars and traded for this. I think, collectively, I have maybe $650 invested in this guitar?


And I'll give you 750.00 for it anytime you like!


And I'll give you 750.00 for it anytime you like!

– Proteus



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