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When I saw a Tennessee Rose for $850 I was thinking maybe another Gretsch was in my near future - then I saw what had been done to the poor thing. "Schaller Pickups, Custom wiring scheme, added 2 position switch". So underneath those surrounds I can only imagine how the conversion was accomplished - plus the elimination of the master volume for the switch. What's your take on this?

(sorry about the tiny photo)


(sorry about the tiny photo)

Hard to have a take without seeing more. If it was professionally done without a lot of unnecessary hacking, $850 might still be a great deal. FilterTron Gretsches, with their big surrounds, can be pretty forgiving for pickup swaps.


Let's try this...


No extra holes drilled and like Afire said, putting Filters back in wouldn't leave any massive changes showing.


Well, I received a little more info. The pickup hole routing is fairly drastic, but clean. The upper bout switch hole has been plugged with abalone or something, a switch has replaced the master volume and the general switching is "weird". I did get the serial # 9012119-364 which, if I understand the scheme means Dec. 1990.

I think I'll pass. Thanks for your replies.


Someone deserves to be flogged for that.


Take $550 and buy a Fairlane Blue Electromatic, and put the other $300 in the bank.


Or a candy apple red one, Ed's blue fetish notwithstanding!

(I've been a blue guitar guy too, but I've reverted to my childhood enthusiasm for red.)

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