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Go big or go Electrohome?


Hello Guys!,

i can only spend my money once time and deciding between these new models:

Gretsch Brian Setzer G6120T-BSNSH BK (Black) (Setzer Sig's) Gretsch Brian Setzer G6120T-BSSMK 59 (Smoke) (Ray Butt's)

Or go for a new 5420 electromatic version and buy some TV jones setzer sig pickups? Which saves $1,5k?

Maybe go for another 6120 Nashville model? But are in the same pricetag as the setzer models.

Been looking in the SSLVO but it's somehow an older model and more expensive than those new Setzer models.

Who has one of the new models already? i can't play them here since all are on pre-order.


I just received my 6120T 59 today and love it but I think an Electomatic with TV Jones pickups would be excellent.


There is something about the Setzer models I really like. I have had a few and currently have a '14 SSLVO which suits me very well indeed. I would probably opt for the Smoke from those you list - I don't really like the Setzer Sig pickups. They sound a bit weird to me. I am perfectly happy with regular TV Jones Classics, although I do have a Classic+ in the bridge of my SSLVO. I could easily go back to the classic though.

I would love to hear what the Butts sound like in a great 6120 and suspect they would sound wonderful. I always liked the original Filter'trons in various early '60s 6120s I have had.

FWIW while I have had some great deals from Street Sounds and Daves over the years I bought my SSLVO from Music Store Live online and got a ridiculously amazing deal. Paid what you would normally pay for a used guitar but it was brand new.

Whatever you get it will most likely be wonderful.

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