Modern Gretsch Guitars



What is the hive-mind verdict on the Broadcaster Jr. w/ centerblock and string through Bigsby?

Personally, I like the low-profile Gretsch's, not too sure about the Full'Trons, are they comparable to TV Classics?

I like the centerblock as I play vox's and it gets loud, I don't like too much unusable feedback.

I think if I went this direction, I'd go with the Lotus Ivory/walnut. it's purdy!



We have discussed this somewhere on here. They are great guitars.

I can't help with the difference on pickups but somebody may be able to enlighten yo on this.


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I've had mine for almost 4 years and still love it!!

I had some problems with tuning stability which turned out to be caused by the sharp break angle between the bridge and roller bar of the Bigsby. The solution was installing a Bricks Biggs Fix Works beautifully!!

I've never really bonded with the string-through Bigsby. I find it more difficult than the traditional Bigsby, especially when changing just one string. Probably just me..... and too many decades of working with "pin" Bigsbys.

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