Vintage Gretsch Guitars

New Guitar Day (1960? G6120)


Two serials from Brian Setzer's favored 6120 in the last 15 years. I had #34548. Great batch!!


congrats !!! Happy New Guitar Day ! and welcome to the gretschpages or as it is commonly referred to as the GDP(Gretsch Discussion Pages). looking forward to seeing your new(old) guitar once you get it.


That's the Stray Cat guitar. The one in the early BSO days was the flamey 337XX "Steve Miller" guitar. Since about 1998, he has played the deeper orange on with a plain top and flamed sides, #34580. I sold 34548 to another GDP'er, but still have 33714.


Welcome and congrats. Such a cool story, and yes, post pics when you get it home.

I'm sure that you'll more than enjoy this one.


Congratulations. My dad played, i started learning when my dad was ill withn alzhiemers. I enjoy trying to play every single day. Be patient as you grow into the instrument. Looking forward to reading about your adventure. The folks here can provide you endless info and encouregment. Many tips on how to learn too. Enjoy and welcome.


Welcome to the GDP! It's always great to welcome new members but this is a particular treat in that you're a gal-new-member and you're about to receive an extremely cool vintage Gretsch!......and a highly iconic one at that!!


The guitar is absolutely stunning (but please remove pick before playing ). Congrats and, like everyone, I look forward to the pictures.


Wow, you are the lucky one! Congrats and enjoy!


You've been playing a White Falcon and now are inheriting a vintage 6120? You're starting your Gretsch addiction off the right way! Enjoy!


Great story ,looking forward to seeing you get it back into shape!


Congrats and welcome to Gretsch Pages. Please post more pics of that beautiful Gretsch!


Great story, congrats! Looks like really nice vintage 6120. Had a similar thing happen once. I was playing a gig and a guy came up afterwards and gave me his 68 Martin D-21 Brazilian Rosewood! It was virtually unplayed since his days in college, said it should be out and playing music once again. Love to hear passing of old guitars to people that appreciate and can use them!


Very cool!


Played my orange 6120 today in a sideman thing, but it's much newer (Terada).

Real vintage Gretsches are da bomb!


Indeed it does!

Great score!

Thanks for sharing it here with us!


That's a great pix... she's having fun with it.


Gorgeous,what a beauty!


Stunning. And from what I have seen and read so far: Yes, Curt.


Hi viqbang. What a great 6120!! I live in Colorado, also and can recommend a couple of great repair persons. Drop me a pm.

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