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G6136T-LTV good deal ?


I went looking for comparables and found 3 on eBay,one for $2700 and two others for $3500(each).This deal-probably not bad for a store purchase,but they didn't throw in the whole store with it,either. :)


Just came across and put a deposit on this one... an '06 model. Rep says it's "9 out of 10" condition... I'm waiting for full description and pics to be emailed before I plunge though.

I've wanted a WF since I was a kid. This would be a great buy if it goes through... so much for the Duane Eddy... maybe later.. this is 1st priority. Hope it works out !


Pics from the dealer look she's MINE !

New Compton or Tru-Arc Brass bridge and a Gold Chet Wire arm Bigsby goin on her ASAP.


Congratulations. The LTV Falcon is one of the best electric guitars I ever played.


Bbbbut Mitch.. 8-o ,it's not orange :D .Very nice though.If your like me this will make you play til your fingers bleed.I've wanted a white Penguin since forever,finally got one and can't put it down.


Thanks ! I've wanted a WF all my life, and finally the deal of a lifetime came my way.

I'm SO bummed they don't make an ORANGE Falcon, but I think I can learn to live with it. ;-)


An orange Falcon, very interesting. :)

You could always just send it to Curt and have him paint the top orange and keep the back and side white. Just a suggestion. ;-)

Congratulations on a lifetime dream. :D


Thanks ! I'm stoked ! Got if from Guitar Center full 30 days, no questions asked return policy. Can't lose really.

Orange with gold sparkle trim... uh... not so sure about that ? :| The white will be just fine I think.

Maybe this will replace the G6120T-LTV or the newly aquired G6128T-TV-TM ? or maybe not... I love em all !


More is better!:D :D


Yeah, but wives don't have that same mindset unfortunately.

I shouldn't complain, my wife is GREAT about my music history and is used to stuff coming and goin'. She says "I just think you have a tape gun fetish" !! HA ! :D .

After all, she has like 37 pairs of BROWN shoes ! Come on now... lemme have 4 guitars !! ;-)


That Falcon is pertty! I've got a dyna Falcon and wished I could have one of these too!

BTW, Mitch. I sent you a PM about something else.

Have fun with that new guitar!


Sent you a response. Let's see what happens.


Thanks, Mitch! Did he ever reply to your PM?


I just emailed him tonight to let him know you were interested in his Executive amp.

Yes he replied to the initial offer to buy, but I have not been in touch with him since then.


Signed, sealed and she's on her way to a GC near me. Should have her mid week. Can't wait !


Looks like mine, but the other way around! ;-) Mine's 06 model too!

Bit hard on the eye for for my Fender playing friends!:D


The tuners are the 'older' style Imperials. Does anyone know if the newer type buttons will just screw right on here or does the entire tuner assembly need to be replaced ?

Also hoping the newly ordered Tru-Arc brass bridge will fit on this TOM bridge base. Tim says it should. Hope so.


I'm in the process of unloading just about all my guitars, the Falcon on the right can be had. TV's, B7, fun finish....

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