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G6131TG … ever exist?


Has a G6131TG ever existed? ... Single cutaway Jet with gold hardware.

Why would that not be a common model?

(Should be TG in picture ... I'm not able to edit the photo.)


A 6131TG would be a (red) Jet Firebird with gold hardware. I make now claims of expertise but I don't remember and Firebirds with gold. I think they have always had chrome hardware.


The earliest modern Firebird Jets had gold hardware. Large headstock, though. No factory Bigsby.


I just bought a new 2020 G6131T Player's Edition Jet FT Firebird, and gold hardware wasn't offered. It wasn't offered on any of the PE Duo Jets.

I will say that it is great guitar! I've bought it over the Labor Day weekend sale from Sweetwater. I got $400 Sweetwater Bonus Bucks with it, and I used $300 of them to purchase a pair of Gold TV Jones Classic Pickups for my G5422TG. All I need now is the TV Jones wiring harness and the tube kit, and I think it will be a substantial upgrade for this instrument.


There is a 1990 6131 with gold hardware on fleabay right now. 10 -13-20.


Yup. The '63 6131 I had was with gold hardware. Very cool machine but I had to have a '57 Duo Jet.

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