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G6128T PE JET Case


I have recently acquired a new G6128T PE Jet and the stock case that comes with the guitar is their "Deluxe" case (G6238). I suppose it's an O.K. case however I am not convinced that the design, especially the padding at the upper bout, is worth much and the overall form-fit is just not right as there is a lot of side to side movement at the lower bout. I am also a firm believer in the dual neck rest support which this case is lacking.

I have looked into an upgrade and have found a G6276 Premium Solid Body Tweed case replacement. Strange thing though, this case, with the same description number (and Fender part number) shows up in two very different configurations.

One of those configs as far as form-fit, is pretty much identical to the original case with not much padding at the upper bout. It is a tweed version with the dual neck rest. That's good however . . . .

Looked at a different version of this same case number, and the form-fit looks more exact to the guitar shape with more padding all the way around the body. Both of these cases are TKLs, but different cases.

Anyone else run across this? If I order the premium case form an authorized dealer, how do I know which case version I'll receive?

Woulds appreciate feedback on this.


If this is the case (no pun intended) then I would call first and verify that they would ship the style that you want, after explaining of course.


Hey SuperDave, thanks for the comment. Yes, I have addressed this with my sales rep but occasionally I question their knowledge on such matters.


Fwiw, I've had a few Gretsch's and the cases never had a tight fit. Strangely, my 53 vs duo jet still has some side to side movement but is super tight to close. I have to press the top down pretty hard to latch it. Best case that ever came with a guitar was my Les Paul, that thing was tight and bombproof


Check into the Epiphone Wildkat case.

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