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G6128T-53 Vintage Select ’53 Duo Jet query


or you could go with a more stable, somewhat massier aluminum bridge for generally better performance and tone. Just saying!

I would and did, but in stainless steel. First thing.


Well I went and did it... sold a Strat, a Tele, a Jazzmaster over the last few weeks, a Danelectro in the car park of the guitar shop and took home this beauty.

– Tsar Nicholas

Your picture wins the internet today! I love this. Congratulations!

There is something about the tone of a Duo Jet that gets in my soul through my ears. It's worth selling every other solid body electric guitar to get one from my perspective also. I sold my only electric guitar, a Strat at the time + saved up a lot of gig money to help fund my DSV Duo Jet in 2012. I have since built a parts Strat that I like better anyway but the truth is all of my other guitars are specialty items, tools to capture tones for whatever a varied song I'm recording or playing requires. My Duo Jet provides THE sound and playability that I want out of an electric guitar. Since we're on bridges mine has an aluminum Tru-Arc Serpentune. I tried the stainless steel first but I like the subtle extra spank and clank that aluminum enables.


Thanks you guys! I really am thrilled, it's always been a bucket list guitar for me thanks to Cliff and George.

Tim, I'll send you a mail about bridges.


I'm sure you'll be happy with it! I played three examples, and the differences were miniscule. I think all three were within two ounces of the same weight, for one thing! The grain of the wood on the back and sides was where they differed most.


Hey, wait a sec! They ship with the Vintage Narrow arm now?! Mine came with the flat steel one, and I upgraded.


Congrats Nick,lovely geet those!


You look very happy with your new guitar, Nicolas, your genuine smile says it all! I resently got my dream Gretsch guitar too, a 6131 Firebird Duo Jet! I'm still smiling over it too, there's nothing like like that Great Gretsch Smile! I'm sure you are enjoying your Duo Jet, congratulations on being able to make it happen!


Hey, wait a sec! They ship with the Vintage Narrow arm now?! Mine came with the flat steel one, and I upgraded.

– seadevil

Are you talking about my Jet (pictured above)? It came with a regular flat arm and I put the Vintage Narrow on there like I do with most of my Gretsches, that, a V cut Bigsby and a TruArc.


Oops! Yes, it was yours. I wasn't paying close enough attention.

I recommend that mod. I had a wider "vintage" handle that snapped, but the narrow ones seem hardier somehow; I think they might be deeper front-to-back at the narrowest point than the wider ones. And they look and feel great. I put a Reverend Soft Spring in mine as well.


Yes. A Reverend soft spring is now a must. I also like the Duane Eddy handle but I prefer the vintage narrow because it swings far enough to lay under my palm while playing. I also like the Chet wire handle for this same reason. I once used a grinder to remove the stop on an regular handle, before I discovered the other ones.


The Soft Spring has the additional potential benefit of making it far less likely that a vintage-style handle will break, just in case it's one of the inferior-grade pot-metal ones. Again, the narrow ones seems to be more resilient somehow, so it's less of a concern. The handle that I broke (while just checking the limits of its downward travel) was gold-plated, btw; it may be that only the gold-plated ones are prone to breakage in the first place.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming? Congratulations again!


Really loving this guitar the more I play it. I had it set up decently to accommodate 12s and it's really got me.

Here's a quick Charlie Christian chorus that I've been working on this week - I Got Rhythm on a Duo Jet.


Sounds great to me Nick!


Sounds great to me Nick!

– JCHiggy

Thanks JC!

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