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g6122-1959 compared to the real one


Anyone ever play Chet's original '59? I know Paul copied the neck width. But does Gretsch copy the neck profile?


From what I understand, Paul Y. had much input about the design of the '59 Gent and I'm sure he played and studied Chet's '59. I'd guess it's as close to Chet's as possible ?


Paul Y ended up playing a 6122 1959 so I guess that's recommendation enough that it cut the mustard compared to Chet's 59.

I love mine


I actually had a short conversation with Paul about that.

He didn't maintain that he couldn't tell the original from the reissue – but he was happy with it, proud of it, and seemed to think it was as close as a modern production guitar could be.


Paul was such a dear friend and I miss him terribly, still. I guess I always will. He and I talked quite often when the '59 reissue was being born. Of course Paul had hands on experience with Chet's guitar and he mentioned many times about going back down to the HOF to check this or that on Chet's guitar. He was very meticulous about measuring the neck at various positions to be sure it was as close to being just like Chet's guitar as possible.

Paul spoke publicly about setting up Chet's guitars and amp for every show. About how he knew the settings on Chet's amp and the Lexicon PCM42. He would tune Chet's guitar and play a few notes on it to be sure everything was all right. Then when Chet would come out and pick up the guitar, it was like it was a different guitar. The sounds and tone were altogether different. There was only one Chet. Likewise, there was only one Paul. A true treasure, if there ever was one.


HEY JOE ! Nice to see you here ! Now, if only mine said GENTLEMAN on it ;-)

All the factors just come together on his model. Body depth, closed F holes 17" bout, wider neck, longer scale, pickup types.... the sum is way more than it's parts ! Best guitar I've ever owned in my 50 years of playing bar none.


Hey Joe!

Would you know at what point the 6122-1959 went from waffle braces to trestles?

Loving mine. Thanks for all the fantastic changes at Gretsch!


I feel very fortunate to have a -59, it's such a sweet guitar.

I get overwhelmed at times knowing that Paul's sig is on the back of the headstock.

I'm nowhere near deserving of such a fine instrument that's been touched and signed by a "guitar god".

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