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G6120CST, Oh, Mercy


For the record, I'm not shilling for this place for the fun of it, and I don't get any money for doing this, but I'm happy to pass along cool stuff they have when I run across it.

So on Tuesday when I was there with Scott and Carrie, I fully intended to get some strings, but in all the excitement, I forgot. So I went over yesterday and got some of what I needed (they were out of my favorite Blues Sliders .010s, but so is everyone else), they said, "Oh, this came in about an hour ago, check it out!"

Yes, it's a thing of beauty, subtle figuring in the amber- (not orange-) finished maple on the top, sides, and back, scripty headstock logo, playability as dreamy as any Custom Shop guitar I've ever played, didn't plug it in, but I can only imagine how it sounds through an amp, no whoopie cushion (back pad) on the back, and I have no idea what they're asking for it, but it was cool.


Yeah! Reminds me of my wish for a Duane Eddy Bass guitar but as just a guitar. Double cuts with real f-holes are the coolest.


Nice ,love the split hump blocks!


You're a BAD influence.


Mercy indeed. That's gorgeous. Bet it sounds great too. What's the asking price?


I don't know how much they want for it, but it should be in their ebay store or on their site within a day or two. If it's the latter, it'll likely be here.


I really like the finish, real f-holes, split block neck inlays and scripty Gretsch logo! Bet it's a pretty penny though.


I was exchanging emails with Sunir about some guitars I’m consigning there about the same time I saw this inquiry about pricing, so I asked, and the asking price is $9,499.99, but he promised they’d make a deal with interested GDPers.


I will admit that I prefer singlecuts to doublecuts, but that is one cool looking guitar! I especially like the blending of elements from 50s Gretsches ( the headstock, logo, real f-holes [compared to the fake f-holes seen on so many 60s Gretsches], and hump blocked fretboard inlays), with the 60s doublecut body style.

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