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G6120 Duane Eddy Bass bridge


Hi. i've had a G6120TBDE 6 string bass for a while and never been completely happy with the sound and intonation on the low E. I asked someone i saw on FakeBook about theirs, and he had fitted a space control bridge which solved the issues. (it comes with an Adjusto-matic as stock) I tried the space control from my Penguin which did seem to make the playability better, but the pins for the ridge are spaced differently so it was just a temporary and inaccurate test. my question is, does anyone who owns one of these have experience of different bridges and if so, what? the other issue is i can't find anywhere in the UK to buy a space control bridge as a permanent option. thanks in advance


How can intonation get better with a bridge you can't compensate?


Maybe intonation was the wrong word…. It always seems to be a little out of tune once you get to 7th fret and above, and the string feels a bit loose (they are light strings - low E is .84). With the space control, it wasn’t properly intonated at all as I couldn’t put the bridge in the right place due to the pins, but it seemed to be better in tune up the neck. It may not make sense, but my perception was that it was better in tune with the other strings across the fingerboard than with the stock bridge, despite its poor placement.


Take out the pins or enlarge the holes in the bridge base (lengthwise only) and all will be well.

Or switch to gauges that work with the bridge where it is.

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