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Stew Mac Neck relif gauge and Nut sloting gauge.


Update, got to play a SSLVO for a half hour or so. Not sure if it was the amp, the store, or what...but it didnt talk to me like the 1959LTV did. In fact it was a very ho hum guitar. Two different stores, two different amps... need to have one store one amp 2 guitars. The search continues. But to date I like the LTV better, (radius maybe?)

Yes its been over a year .... I take my time making decisions...:)


I played both, bought the SSLVO. I liked the 9.5 radius, Sperzels. The adjustomatic is fine.I have 2 other Gretschs w/zero fret and Bar bridges and the ADJUSTOMATIC seems pretty good sound wise. I filed the radius into the bridge and once I did the guitar action really improved. The action is unreal. Zero frets are fine but it didn't bother me not having one. I filed the nut a little better for action since it was a touch on the high side from factory.The LTV is awesome too. Tough decision but I liked the neck feel on the SSLVO. Thats the reason why I chose it. I bought a Chet Pickguard and extra truss rod standard cover. I got the best of both worlds. Really the Sperzels are worth it. So much easier to string and hold tune alot better. Strap locks are an added benefit too if you use them. The sound is Setzer on this w/a little overdrive and slap. TVs have to be set right to get that sound. People talked about the sweet spot for these and it is absolutly true. Once the action came down a bit from radius correction I raised the whole pickup just a tad(there was adjustment due to factory having it a bit lower) and followed the pole piece specs from TV and some input around here. Great sound. I have 10s on it, intonated tuned it w/a Peterson. Its still in tune from 6 days ago.I have the relief at .008. Great guitar.


Hey Zamdrang - My setup SSLVO is one of the best guitars I've ever played. So keep setup and new strings in mind when you're at the music store.

As you probably noticed, the V neck is very subtle. I don't usually like V's, but the SSLVO didn't bother me at all, and as stated above, it's nice to have some variety between guitars.

Good luck on your 6120 journey! +1 for taking your time - I can't do that.


I'm on the hunt as well, and I have to say, its a daunting task. For both an amp and my first 6120.


I have a Gretsch CA6120-59LTV that I purchased last summer for a very good price. I installed a brass Tru-Arc bridge and that guitar really sings! I used it this last weekend for a gig and I am still amazed at what a great guitar it really is. It has a lot of sustain and covers a wide range of tones. It and has become one of my best guitars.


I agree the V was subtle, but also very comfy. It definitely could have just been setup, strings etc... The SSLVO just didnt feel as responsive and alive or have the harmonics of the LTV. I do like the tighter radius..and the sperzels would be a plus.

But as always..line up 5 guitars of the same model you'll get 5 different personalities. So I havent given up on the SSLVO. Im wondering how much of it is the rocking bar bridge. Im a person that unfortunately can hear very minor tonal differences..makes this shopping thing a blessing and a curse.

Im only patient cause im paying off a les paul :)

PS Just wanted to add...ive been on forums all over the net...and this is by far the coolest nicest bunch of people I have come across. Just good solid advice and humble opinion without a trace of attitude...very cool.


Can't go wrong w/either really. The LTV is awesome. I am eyeing that up as a possible next choice. It's either between that,a Hot Rod w/TVs or a 6120W-57Cochran whhich I have been gassing for. The Sperzels, neck and believe it or not the headstock stain were the reasons I chose the SSLVO.

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