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G6118T Players Edition Anniversary Question


Hey all, appreciate your patience with so many posts. New to Gretsch, tons to learn, having a blast. Kid in a candy store

Thinking of trading for a MIJ G6118T Players Edition Anniversary.

Any thoughts about these?

Also, how is an “Anniversary body shape” different than other body shapes?

Per usual, all replies welcomed and appreciated ...


I had one for a little while. It was a good guitar. I didn't like the material in the nut; bone nuts are the ones for me. I prefer the standard Annies with light trestle bracing or parallel bars with a sound post. The Players Edition was a good guitar though; my only complaint was with the nut material. I worked on it a lot but still couldn't get the tuning under control with the Bigsby. All the proline Gretsches are great; it's just a matter of personal preference.

The Annie body shape is the same as the 6120, but the Players Edition is shallower. Also, at some point the body shapes changed (Baldwin era?) but when Fender took over manufacturing in 2003, they went back to a 'vintage correct' body shape, like the ones made in Brooklyn.


Okay 180 review here. I love the bracing and shallower depth on mine as it allows me to play louder, as in band levels, and hold the tone I like without feedback. And when I want feedback this setup helps me control it! Mine tunes perfectly, so no nut problems here. I love the tone control instead of the mud switch as it helps me dial the tones I like. I love the pinless Bigsby because string changes are faster! I had a pre-FMIC one without a Bigsby and I sold it in under a year because I couldn't work on stage with it.


Yeah, I now have two players editions (Annie and Jet) with that same Tusq nut and haven't had any tuning stability issues with 10, 11, or 12 gauge strings. Maybe you got a poorly cut one?

The players edition 16" hollow bodies all have the same shape, depth, and bracing as well as the same features and hardware, the same neck radius, same frets, they're almost all the same thing. The shape is the same as the other 6120 models.

The 6120 has the large F holes and all the binding, plus an ebony fretboard. The Annie has the large F hole but without the binding and has a rosewood fretboard. The Tennessee Rose has small F holes, all the binding, and a rosewood fretboard. And they all have that same rattling bridge which you should probably upgrade. The 12" serpentune works wonders.

What are you trading?


Looking to trade a Les Paul Standard 120th Anniversary Special Edition


I love everything about my Anni, She is a bit smaller in thickness as above. Stays in tune nicely, The Gretsch Filters are amazing! If it were me? I would check out the Gretsch and would probably make the trade if that Gretsch is in perfect condition, They are amazing guitars! The sound is great, BUT different than the LP. So play it for a while before you make the trade. I personally would trade in a heartbeat!

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