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Birds, $800 less is a great deal. Congrats and that is a beauty. You may know this song already but if not you can hear the beauty of a Double Annie with HiLos. I have stared a discussion before on this vid but in case you don't know it here it is.


a beautiful song (thanks).

The Double Annie ought to sound amazing with my rig, I'm super excited to be getting it on Monday.

Full report to follow!


It landed! - like new, perfect setup, even the pole pieces are dialed correctly.

I love it, this could be my favorite guitar. Plenty of output, clean and articulate, no added gain, just Gretschy goodness. Super stoked, just what I was hoping for.

The T-Armonds definitely have more gain but this one, with the TVJones HT’s will be my go to for lots of music.


I think the TV Jones HT’s are just right for a hollow body w/ trestle bracing and my AC30 any other pickup with this guitar would probably feedback too much.

Love it w/ my Bassman too -it’s perfect.


Personally, I think this particular Gretsch guitar is destined for greatness!

I find myself turning down a bit with gain. Not as “spongy” as Filt’rons or T’Armonds.


The perfect compliment to an acoustic guitar but it does Rock ‘n Roll equally well.


Congrats on receiving the guitar. It's a beauty. The color is beautiful.


Hey BnB, that's an awesome guitar! Congratulations on your new acquisition, I hope you have fantastic time getting to know her. She's a real beauty, play her in excellent health!


Great news. Congratulations on a new friend.


Proteus - Any thoughts yet on a Tru-Arc recommendation? I would kind of like to ditch this big, dumb bridge.


Now that you've played the guitar a good bit, you're in a better position to make some informed guesses.

Aluminum should comb the midrange, air out the top end, and make what's left more percussive. Stainless should deliver an even response through all registers, somewhat enhance punch (especially in the lows), and bring more sustain. Brass should sound very much like the current bridge, though (depending on how close tolerances are on the Space Control) a bit richer and likely with better sustain. If you wanted to warm the tone, especially in the midrange, copper. And if you just hate your money and want an interesting cross between velvety smoothness and punchy articulation, titanium.

But whatever your first choice/guess, any stock bridge can always be returned for full credit (less shipping) toward exchange for another. So the decision is not a terribly high-stakes enterprise.


Tim, I went with the Copper 12" - hoping that is the correct bridge, anyway I think that will "tone the Jones's" down a bit and make this sing.

Thanks for your help



I'd really love to have one of these, someday. That Smoke Green/Caddy Green combo is the Bees knees.

And it's a GRETSCH!


It took me a long time to appreciate HiLoTrons. Good choice. Congrats.


Congratulations! I love the few threads in a row where we can tell you're learning and appreciating your new guitar.


It took me a long time to appreciate HiLoTrons. Good choice. Congrats.

– Baba Joe

To recognize they sound better at what they do best, than the others, that is enough.


Late to the thread, but congrats on a great instrument. I was going to buy one last year but the placement of the neck pickup was not my preferred location. It is VERY similar to the vintage model that it is based on, but without the problems that can be associated with a 60+ year old guitar. BTW, those TV Hilo-trons are in fact, TV Jones HTs, as confirmed by them, and those are just wonderful pickups, as you'll no doubt discover more and more as you get to find out what that guitar can do.


The Neck pickup is amazing. I usually don't play the neck by itself on my other guitars but this is clear, bright and articulate, with plenty of output. I could get by with just the neck pickup on this guitar. Love the tone "toggle switch" as well, it's really all I need.

It'll be interesting to see what a copper Tru-Arc can do for these pickups.


I prefer the toggle switch to the tone knob. It’s good to know that I am not alone. Looking forward to seeing your review of the copper TruArc with these pickups.


The copper Tru-Arc arrived today and the difference between this and the stock bridge is astounding. Much more cohesive, lots of twang but evenly represented.

I am very happy with this bridge. Copper is unique and adds a certain character. Maybe warmth while still sounding lively. Way better that that Gretsch thing.

Thanks again, Proteus.


Way more uniform, Brighter, Warner, Sexier. Red!

Like Ann Margret.


Way more uniform, Brighter, Warner, Sexier. Red!

Like Ann Margret.

– BirdsNBats

Congrats BirdsNBats! Hilos have always been "out of sight, out of mind" because I never explored them. Because of a few thoughts, a recent thread created about a killer-looking Tennessean, and my GAS for my first Telecaster and now your recent excellent acquisition, I am all in.

I knew what they could do but that knowledge only captured a small percentage of what their tone can really bring. I love them.....the older/original from the '60s I think produce less than 3ohms of DC output. The newer a bit hotter but "hot" is really the the wrong word. For what I play, they really bring home the "smooth as silk" tone with drippy bluesy goodness.....and so much more.

So after 3+ months of painstaking and painfully fun exploration of which Tele I want, my ears are dialed in to the Hi'lo universe and kicked off my "browsing" with 5+ hours of research last night into early this morning.

Your's is a beauty and please check back with a sound clip if possible.....I want to hear what Ann Maragret sounds like!!!!

Have fun!!!!

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