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G5240T - Blacktop filtertrons height issue (Gretsch Newbie here)


Hi, I'm a new Gretsch owner, never owned one before, always been a Fender oriented guy (Fender princeton amp, lots of pedal, the one I love is my Timmy OD, to complete the profile) I fell in love with a black G5240T, beautiful guitar, awesome finish, comfortable, plays like a breeze, really resonant when unplugged.

My only issue is about the sound plugged, I expected a jangly-towards-mids sound, I think I'm close but there's something missing.

I played with pickup and polepieces height trying to follow Tv Jones indications, even if mine has ceramic blacktops, but the highs seem ok, the bass seems, how to say? rubbery and dull, especially on the neck E (I actually play with 010-046 EB, I'd like even lighter strings but with the bigsby and short scale I think I can't use 009), they're present but like there was a blanket on, it's not the gretsch sound I expected.

At the moment I put the pickup at TV Jones recommended height, maybe a hair closer to strings, with the P.Setzer plain G polepieces profile I've found here, still missing something.

does anyone has similar feelings? any raccomendation or tip? I don't want to change pickups at the time, I think there's room to improve the sound here, it's probably me not able to achieve it.

thank you Marcello


Blacktops have less bass then HS filters and TVJ Classics. Don't be afraid to crank the bass on your amp.

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