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G5191 TA bridge pickup tilt


Waiting for a reply from a shop, concerning warranty issues before solving this myself. Guitar was bought in Germany. Shop manager told me that setup was done by them, ...what on earth?? Whith such P/U tilt? Will see next week.


Hello guys, made it back finally. Shop manager offered to settle with me with a rebate and new springs and silicons for P/U's, couple of sets of strings and a pick guard of my choice. It was this, or return the guitar. These guitars are pretty scarce in EU and could not be imported from US by individuals due to a strict rosewood regulations apparently (source: Therefore, I decided to keep it. I'll take it to professional luthier to set it up completely tomorrow. So that's it. Now, that part with pick guard is tempting me. If I can have it, why not. I was trying to find out, which Gretsch model PG (beside custom made) would fit my G5191, since it is a bit different. Couldn't get any dimensions, save for G6120... Do you guys have any ideas. It's gonna be gold, with written Gretsch logo, I guess. I will decide to put it up or not, once I have it and after I tested it. So, what model PG would fit my G5191. Thx a ton!!

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