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G5191 TA bridge pickup tilt


Hi everybody. I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I own two Gretsch guitars, G5434 and G5191 (my recent). The thing that boggles my mind is, why is bridge blacktop filtertron on my G5191 tilted in bridge direction, quite visibly. This is not the case with G5434, where everything is parallel and horizontal (different P/U heights of course). I tried to correct this by adjusting the screws, but I couldn't correct the angle. Still tilted in bridge direction. The guitar is brand new. Any suggestions? Is this a case with hollow country club guitars? Cheers.


Have you tried taking the pickup out and remounting it? A friend got a 5420 recently and everything on it was perfect. A picture would help as this sounds weird.


Yes, What lx said.

Remove the pickup. Remove the springs. Cut the springs down to about 3/8" , reinstall and raise them up as high as possible, without string contact. This will make your guitar sound totally and tonally different, for the good. Those Blacktops need to be up high. This does make them a bit unstable in their mount but still very usable. Don't get to hung up on the angle after you've done this. The sound is what you're going for. I absolutely love my G5191BK.

I really need to remember to take pictures of mine. Joe C did this mod to my guitar a few years back at the Cowtown roundup and it blew me away!

If I remember tonight at the band room I'll try to get a picture.


Thx for your prompt replies guys. Appreciated. I will post a pic later today. Forgot to mention that neck P/U position is totally controllable in all axis. It's also very hot (in original position, factory), hotter than bridge P/U, I guess 'cos that one sits way lower. I will do what you guys suggest and post pics before and after. BTW, the guitar rocks. It's stunningly beautiful and easy to play. Nice action and tone. That tilt bothered me since I have never seen anything like this before (on my Schecter Corsair P/U are level and perfectly positioned). And yes It was bought online, so I couldn't check it out personally. Thx again guys.


So, the pictures of my tilted bridge P/U. Also, don't you think that saddle is being rolled a bit high. Again its shop set up. cheers Niko


Another pic.


, and another


Those pickups are way too low. The bridge should be at the right height, as long as your action's alright.

Sorry,I forgot to take a picture again last night.


This is what TV Jones says about pup height of Filtertrons:

If you want a Growl in the bridge position adjust the pickup as follows: From the top of the pickup cover to the bottom of both E strings, 5/32”

For a full neck pickup tone:

From the top of the pickup cover to the bottom of the low E, 3/16”, and 7/32” on the high E side…. No strings depressed. Just a quick measurement to get you in the ballpark.


Man, I didn't realize how bad I need new strings.


Bridge side. I really need to clean my guitar. Plenty of sweat patina.


Joe C. personally set this up for me and I haven't changed a thing, or obviously cleaned my guitar, since then. It changed this guitar. The sound just opened up.


Hey lx,it looks like raising them up also straightens them tilt.


I'm confused(?) Blacktop filters have 2 adjustment screws on one side (3 total) for the sole purpose of adjusting the degree of pickup tilt. Shouldn't tightening just the screw closest to the bridge straighten this out?


No Charlie, just 2. The screw in the trim cover beside the pickup on each side adjusts them up and down.The thing is, you really can't get them this high without pulling out the springs and cutting them down. You can't adjust the tilt, just the up and down. I just stated that once they're up this high, they don't tilt. From what Joe says, they should have been set up this way from the factory. I believe the ones that come with the tag "Pinned bridge" have all been pinned and raised. This is on the Electromatics with Blacktops. He also showed me how to pin the bridge,which was fairly simple and has also been a great tone advantage.


Here's where they are adjusted.


Unlike yours Dave, Niko's photo has four screws per side. Two mounting and two adjustment.


Huh! I did not notice that. Mine is a 2011 model. I wonder which year this one was made? Niko?

Well heck, in that case the tilt should be able to be directed easier. They still need to come up higher, though.

I'm baffled. I had no idea there was more than one configuration on these.


Hi guys. Thx for taking your time to cope with this problem of mine (Sry for my language as well, I'm not a native speaker). My 5191's serial number is KS10113000, so I guess that means November 2010. My last pic shows max ''height'' on left side of a bridge P/U and also max height on right side, side close to the bridge. The screw that cotrols that ''axis'' can't move anymore and I don't want to force it. It obviously came to a full stop. I will take out that P/U tonight and check the screws and springs. Maybe order longer. Don't know, have to see what's in there.


The setup you have on your 5191 Dave, is what I'm looking for. That's perfect!!


Dave, the S/N of yours (KS0912) makes it December 2009. Niko's (KS1011) is newer.


Ha! Research. Thanks, Charlie.

Odd that they changed that. I wonder why?


The mount for the blacktop filters was changed. The early versions have a Ripley style bar underneath, with conventional screws going through the pickup case to the mounting bar. Later ones have no screws going through the cover. Instead they have "ears" built into the bottom plate. These have screw holes that align with the holes in the bezel, and are adjustable for tilt as well as height.

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