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G5191 TA - ”Black Falcon”


Some time ago, I wrote about the bridge P/U adjustment problems on my new G5191. It's solved now. Thought I might share pics of the ''upgraded'' guitar. So, here they are, taken just after my last gig. Since my luthier was abroad on training, I did the repair job myself (it took me some time but still). I changed the springs in bridge P/U, one of them was shorter??? and also a screw that had faulty thread at the middle of a stem due to some mechanical reason. Screws ordered from Gretsch (along with pick guard) and new springs eliminated that P/U ''tilt'' problem. Then I just couldn't resist and put the Falcon PG on a guitar and got ''Tim Armstrong's Black Falcon'' that looks stunning (not sure if this punk-rock warlord would approve this, but on the other hand, one of his G5191's is pink, so...). Sound was not a problem from the very beginning, but now with both P/U's raised to correct position she's hot and twangs beautifully. Cheers Niko


Looks good.


Nice job!


Simple yet elegant. Looks great.

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