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Tiki Master project body, fully loaded (rutters jazzmaster junior n…


Selling the “project” tiki jazzmaster junior body complete, no neck. Rutters ash body, scorched and sealed, chancy hand carved leather over a rutters routed alum base, rutters cold rolled steel bridg w rutters saddles, M3 of california mosrite pickups in jazzmaster covers. This body was used for several applications, first for a set of jag pickups, then rutters made retrofit blocks he glued in to hide the jag routes and rerouted for jazzmaster pickups. I wanted to put gold foils in so the routes are shallower than the stock route. These Mosrites are hot output and fairly shallow so they lay in nicely. Its a project so there are a few screws holding them in as you can see. This is not a tavo’s boutique guitar in its fit and finish but its all boutique corker stuff. I didnt have time to finesse it all, you can.. $395 shipped n paypal gift only. picture is discloser. thenocturnebrainseltzerATgmailDOTcom


I love the look. Someone's going to a nice looking guitar.


If only I had ability to route out a tremolo cavity. I'd snap it up. But then it wouldn't be a junior.

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