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G3166 Educate me, please


Hey all, I am hopeful that the collective here can educate me on the Historic Series 3166. Info is sparse on the ol’ webs.

From what I understand they are thinlines, with a center block. Beyond that I know nothing of the quality,scale, neck radius, pots, etc.

School me please...


Thanks Macphisto. The cream city link helps. I dug through the examples posted by members/owners, which led me to start the thread.

Knowing now that they were maple construction with rosewood on a 24.6” scale with gretschbuckers, lays some of the inquiry to rest.

Hoping someone can speak to build quality, fretboard radius, firsthand stuff.


I’ve got a 3140, a close cousin. While Historic Series is not particularly authentic to vintage Gretsch spec, the build quality is well regarded, mostly made in Korea by Peerless.


Thanks for the input JQM, I appreciate it.

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