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G3140 Question


Though I don't get around to posting much I check the GDP daily. You folks are an encyclopedia of Gretsch know-how and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on an issue I have with my G3140. The action feels stiff. I don't know how else to describe it. I don't think the string gauge is the issue because I've had lighter strings on it and they feel stiff too. So here's what I'm wondering about:

  1. Could the Bigsby B7 with the tension bar make it feel stiff? Maybe I should try a B6?
  2. Maybe it's fret height that causes the stiffness? Frets too low?
  3. Could it need a new nut with different spacing?

Thanks all.


Hi Twangbanger, my 3140 action doesn't feel stiff at all. I have a B6C V-cut Bigsby on mine and I had a new brass nut made, because the original black nut was badly cut and needed replacing (3 of my 4 Historics had badly made nuts and all 3 have been replaced). My luthier checked the frets on mine and said they were OK, so I can only guess your stiffness could be the B7 and/or the nut. Wish I could be more helpful.


Audept, Thanks for the reply. I just checked out your 3140 and your 3141 and both look really nice. I've been looking at the nut and thinking it might be poorly cut. I got to get that checked out. Cheers.


don't made the same mistake thab me. I've put a B3 on my 3140 and it didn't work on it.


don't made the same mistake thab me. I've put a B3 on my 3140 and it didn't work on it.


I put a B60 Bigsby on my G3161 and it worked really well. I tried a B3 as well and it was too short for my guitar.


Mine's stock, no Bigsby. I had it set up by my trusted tech with .11's right after I got it as I spotted some fit & finish issues right away. It doesn't feel unusually stiff, but then again, I run .13s on my hollowbodies.

I'm not an expert on Bigsby geometries, but overall string length will affect tension. Any chance your Bigsby switch created a longer overall string from the stock G logo tailpiece and thereby upped the tension from factory spec? Is the overall string length longer than other guitars that you typically play?


I've got a B7 on my 3140 and I'm not noticing an appreciable difference between that and my jet with wrap-around bridge. Both have D'Addario .010s on them.

My Jazzmaster 25.5 scale seem slinkier, but I'm not sure what strings are on it or what the longer scale does to it.

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