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G3135 Historic - Any Info?


I have a G3135. Wish I could find out about it. No luck here! Why is this guitar so illusive?


Historics were a short lived series offered in a narrow window of time between when Fred Gretsch re-acquired his family’s brand in the late ‘90s, and when he made an arrangement with Fender to manage production and distribution of Gretsch product in the early aughts. Post Fender products are generally considered to be more accurate to vintage Gretsch spec and therefore more desirable. The Historic Series had a lot of Gretschy features to the casual observer but not so much where it counts for the vintage purist. There are plenty in these parts who love their Historic for what they are and consider them to be a good sleeper value in the used market. If you have specific questions about your model, someone is bound to have solid advice in these parts. Welcome to the Pages!


I’m a Historic junkie and they never disappoint. Yours is the best of the bunch (along with the 3156). True hollow body.

On this forum you’ll find a Historic series catalog along with some guitars entered in the database. Enjoy.


Happy owner of a 3140 here. Great bang for the buck, and classics in their own rights. Besides, everything sounds better with Cat's Eyes.


I've got an Historic Series jumbo Sierra. Love it. 98% of what the Rancher is.


I have a G3900 and love it. I play it acoustically, mostly. Please share a pic.


I'd love to see photos as well. I've not heard of this model before.


Me, neither -- and I'm a Historic Series "person" -- which is exactly why I suggested the OP post some pix.


It’s the 3156 but the red- orange color of the 3140, based on images I’d googled.

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