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G2420T-P90 Limited Edition Streamliner - Dog ear


Hi folks - Looking for the Dogear P-90 factory pickup so i can mod my streamliner. I have the earlier version - 2420T Streamliner with Broadtrons. I have since swapped the Broadtrons for better sounding Blacktops Filtertrons. Respectfully, I felt that the original G&B made Broadtrons sounded like garbage. Any ideas? Thanks!! - JD


Not a Dogear P-90.....but TV Jones makes P-90's in different Filter mounts including standard and English mount. Might be a little less involved than mounting a Dogear P-90.


I have to agree with Gretschadelphia. Finding a set of dogear P-90s that will cover the existing pickups' real estate will be difficult and it can be tough to match the curvature of the guitar's top. A set of T-90s will drop in to your guitar.

If you're set on a dogear Lollar might have a solution for you, but it will likely be more expensive.

Lollar P-90 Mounting


Not to mention that TV's P-90's sound really good and TV would be very helpful in recommending which of his P-90's would mount the easiest and sound the best paired with a Black Top Filter.


Here's a shot of the 2420T-P-90 - limited edition -

Yeah - i did wonder about the mount size and if i would have to mod the cut-out. I have a cheapo - ebay Dogear P-90 for $8 to check size and fit. It seems to match the cover design in this shot. And it looks like there is a small pad or spacer underneath which might cover the previous mount holes.

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