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G 9511, for something completely different


So I went a bought one of the new little acoustics. I am not particularly little and do not really play acoustic - so seems like a great idea.

The G9511 is the "0" or parlor size guitar from Indonesia.

The perfect guitar to leave laying around the living room - looks great there and you actually want to play it.

Quick unsolicited review:

13" wide body but a normal scale length and a 1.75" wide nut - so there is room to actually play.

It has no magic big guitar sound. But at "parlor" volumes sounds really quite good. I dumped the stock strings right away for Martin .0115 to .047 silk and steels which seem to be a perfect match for this small guitar.

The factory setup was remarkably good. I mean I completely changed it, but out of the box it was far better that you see on almost all new guitars with the nut height and relief actually set reasonably well. In a shocking detail, the nut is actually chamfered on the high E front edge (between the high E and the edge of the FB) which is a rather advanced comfort and playability detail. I have NEVER noticed this on a production guitar.

The saddle was shimmed, so you can adjust action by removing the shim or shortening the saddle.

Tuners are fine. The bridge pins are about the worst I have ever seen but completely serviceable, which is ironic.

Actual bone nut and saddle which is nice.

Solid spruce top, some sort of mahogany neck and sapele-veneer ply back and sides. All looks fine and sounds quite good, but with the low end limits of a small box. Keep the strings light and mellow sounding and play with you right hand set below "stun" and all is fine.

I like it and got it for 254 quatloos with the GC discount of 15% for whatever reason they were offering it last week.

A very nice addition to the Gretsch line - assuming the 00 and 000 are as nice.



Good review. I keep my "good" guitars in their cases, away from toddlers and dog noses. I have a beater Epi that stays out, ready for that spur of the moment playing urge. A hundred years ago, parlor guitars were common, as folks had to make their own music, and were more usable at home than a big dreadnaught. Perfectly suited for your needs now as well. These are also great starter guitars---quiet enough that you won't annoy everyone nearby while you learn. Handy enough to take to the beach, to go camping, and so on. Everyone ought to have one.


Chrisp2? Are you the same person as the fellow that used to post here as chrisp? If so, then you'd be a parent, right?

I sure hope that I am correct as you have been sorely missed around here these last few years.


Yeah, that's him.

Nice review, Chris.


Hi Ric12,

Yes, guilty as charged . But now a grandparent (twice) at 58.


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