Modern Gretsch Guitars

G 6139 CBSL spotted in captivity


I saw and played a used one at the Mesquite TX GC. Lord have mercy if I only had 1,690 to spare. Love the HS Filtertrons and the sparkle details. A guitar like this could make me put my Tele down, well maybe. That’s my daughter in the photo


A 1966 Hi Lo Tenny made me put Telecasters down ... forever.


Yes, that's a Compton bridge.


I actually called an d bought this bad boy! Beautiful guitar! I am thinking of maybe putting in TV Jones Magnatrons.


i'm weirdly upset and grateful i didn't end up with this. don't need one, may have done it. hard to say. they look super awesome and surely bring the rock. good price, too. if i swapped them, i may have went supers. :p

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