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Free rockabilly backing tracks for GDP!


In honor of all the GDP members who answered a ton of questions as I bought my dream Gretsch and in honor of the new aluminum 9.5" wound G TruArc I just got from Tim, I thought I would give away rockabilly backing tracks from my site at (where I need to update the videos with the SSLVO instead of the 5120!).

Just send me a PM here at GDP and include your email address, and I'll email you a download link to the song pack (24 files in various keys and beats per minute).

How about from now until end of Labor Day night?

Give me 24 hours to send you the link, in case I'm busy. I'll try to send them a few times throughout the day.

Thanks everyone!


Thanks man, I'd love to check them out! Tried to pm you and the email bounced.


Four links sent so far!

(And you can try stevesspringysurfdrums at gmail)


Thanks Nolefinity! The link worked like a charm. Cheers!


Just got back last night from the Clarksdale roundup --- sent an email to you @ your gmail address… I know it's post deadline, but maybe it's not too late.


Extended deadline for roundup folks?


I just saw this and I, too, would love a bit of help with this. Thanks for the thought, too.


Would you accept an email? I cannot get PM to work due to my icky Yahoo email address...


Zoiks! Just spotted this too late as well...


Never fear, Roundup gang, I just got all your PMs and emails and sent another round of links. Rock on!

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