Modern Gretsch Guitars

Finally broke down and bought a Dandy of a Gretsch


Since they first came out, I've always thought about getting a Jim Dandy. They're small, boxy, and cheap sounding...but in a glorious way. As someone who already has great acoustic guitars (Gibson J-45 & Martin OM-35), the small JD is just plain fun to noodle on!


As an improvement on the Way Out West series, the JD is a winner. There's something to be said for the small-bodied short-scale "student-sized" acoustic.

It's not just that they're great to leave around for idle pickin', noodlin', and the spur of the moment - because of the scale and tension, I can play things on those little suckers I can only dream of on bigger guitars.

Have fun widdit!


Congrats! I didn't know that I needed one until I played one. Still ain't got one but I will soon.


It's small, affordable and irresistible. A great guitar to really romp on. And as Joe C. assured me as he handed me mine, "it's not a toy".

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