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I've asked brother Tim to teach me this song for ever and he wont.. he wont... I cant figure out what this song is and where I might find a lesson so I can learn what he is playing. It haunts me, I want to play it and it sounds so beautiful on that cadi jet w t-armonds. Can someone teach me since Tim wont? (catholic guilt tim, its all over this post.. unless youre lutheran, then its of no use)

Also what model falcon am I playing rhythm on(think its Dave Millers), it felt like it was made for me?? So many questions.

ps. this video is looooooong, just watch the song at the beginning.


maybe it's a Tim "original" song.


I think it's Tim's version of Rockabilly!!! It's Indiana-prog-a-billy! Sounds good!


"Variations on a relative minor"! My favorite pedal steel chord - well done!


That's the Proteus interpretation of "Ellie Mae by the Cement Pond"

He just didn't have the second double-speed guitar tape as accompaniment. Of course, I'm kidding.


Yep! My Falcon Wish I could play it as well.

That was a fun day!

– Suprdave

this is not going to be an easy find.


Geez man, SHAME me into keeping my promises, will you? I'll be happy to teach you the song, which is called Rockabilly Breakdown. I think I wrote it 10 years ago or so. Never gigged it - I'm not sure I've played for any audiences who would get the gag.

Anyway, we just have to do a videochat of some sort. Facetime, Skype, what-have-you. Just bother me till I do it.

The song has lyrics too:

You're hip, you're cool, you're where it's at
With your Dapper Dan and a Stray Cat tat
With a rockabilly kitten purrin' in your lap
You're a third generation rockabilly cat
Drink a little Pabst, get wild tonight
Dance a little, love a little, have a little fight
Your boys are parked around the block
Ready to rock around the clock
Gonna get loose and rock this town
Rockin' to the Rockabilly Breakdown

In '84 your old man looked great
Dressed like 1958
Platform shoes, hair pomped tall
Your mom was a pierced punkabilly doll
They'd drink a little Pabst, tear up the night
Dance a little, love a little, do it up right
All night long without a pause
Gotta be a rebel, who needs a cause
Yeah mom and dad they rocked this town
Rockin' to the rockabilly breakdown

What's that picture on the wall
Would you believe that's your grandpa
Ducktail, sideburns, and a perfect curl
He's the bad boy gets all the good girls
Got Camels rolled up in his sleeve
And who's that Betty with the bangs and jeans
That's granny, bud, and they're goin' to town
That's his Merc parked on the lawn
They said they're goin' to the prom
But they were goin' to a Rockabilly Breakdown

Everyone is a rebel too
Rockin' to the rockabilly breakdown
Marlon, Elvis, James Dean & you
Rockin' to the rockabilly breakdown


Dig those lyrics, Daddyo!


I like those lyrics!! ..but a live showing wont help me.

I need a video demo that I can start-stop-pause-rewind-rewind again-etc.. I am a kinesthetic leaner and absorb information linearly.

aka the kid put outside the classroom to show the other mouth breathers that automatons must follow the carbon copy world of democratic group assimilation


Oh. So at least no notation, either notes or tab. So...finger positions at this fret on this string, and slowed down and busted into phrases?


Oh. So at least no notation, either notes or tab. So...finger positions at this fret on this string, and slowed down and busted into phrases?

– Proteus

I dont read notes or tab. I do write chord charts but that other plinky nerd crap (chortle) I dont have time for.. If you just show us how them digits presto digitize the fretboard, we'z good!


I used to play that, and other "Interludes" from the series, for years! :)

Those, clean, "Interludes" ,,,

It was our break song in some of the bands I've had ,, as a matter of fact :)

We called it, "Ellie May" by "The Pool" ,,, or, when "Mr. Drysdale goes driving to the bank" :)

I lifted it off the TV, via, when watching re-runs back in the 70's, - Lol!

Was that "Roy Lanham", "Joe Maphis", other playing those?

Great call :)


....back to Hot Licks vids w Yngvie Santana & Joabim Satriani

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