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Exciting Pearl Jet (and Gretsch Pages) news


If Rocky can get this well sub $2k, then I’m in the mix.

Needs a Stainless Serpentune, though.


'll be pretty disappointed if this GDP guitar comes with a street price that's north of $2k.

I'll be surprised if it's not. I'm happy to be surprised, though.


I'm not a fan of the Players Edition Jets. I don't like tension bar Bigsbys. If it had a B3, I'd be all over it. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for an older FMIC era blue pearl Jet, I guess.


Or the guitar this thread is about:

As far as I'm concerned, Ed, we specced a B3 with a DE handle and (hopefully) string-through. I have a soft-preference for a V-cutout but it's a pretty soft preference.

(Baxter, post 290)


Where are we on this, is there any news?


I agree with Mel. The pearl pattern on the red ones they did is way better than the pearl with the lines. Also, a hollow body in aqua pearl would be way cool. They did a 6120 in blue pearl several years back an the pearl looks great on a hollow body. Doing up the fretboard and headstock in the pearl as well would be cool too.

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