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Exciting Pearl Jet (and Gretsch Pages) news


I can't seem to format my post in point form. If someone else can do that, please go ahead. It will make it easier for members to vote or post an opinion/answer to the points in the post.


Slight revision of the questions.

1) pearl top color
2) neck profile: standard Gretsch C, thin, soft V, etc.
3) pickups: stock Dynasonic, TV T-Armonds, Seymour Duncan Dynas
4) pinned bridge or not
5) bridge make and type
6) tuners make and type
7) hardware color
8) type and location of GDP tribute: GDP 25th or similar on truss rod cover
OR Gretsch Pages logo on pickguard
OR Both

8b) If Gretsch Pages logo on pickguard, should it be a badge (bronze, for example) or transfer lettering similar to Letraset?

Whilst considering top options, wander over to and take a gander. Looks like a more complete selection, and they're apparently someone FMIC/Gretsch have done business with. Choices from Delmar might be more to the point.

Also remember that every "custom" hardware option (tuners, pickups, bridge) increases the price of the end product. I think there's a good bit of costing and pricing work to be done before we know what the proposed guitars will cost - and until we know that, we can't really know who's in.

Also, lead time is probably, realistically, a year or so.

Bax, has there been any followup with Rocky/FMIC?


Thanks for reconfiguring the post Tim. Even though I'm not in on this, it'll be exciting to watch it come together. Take it away good folks.


Ok, while I haven't been super active in the last year or so, I'm a constant creeper, and long time member, and cost estimate pending I would be a buyer, as the GDP has made a hell of an impact on my life.

That said, here's what I would like to see, with understanding that you can't please them all...

Color - Based on the Drum Wrap link posted that Bax also referenced, Green would be my ideal, but I'm a realist. Black, Black Diamond, White, or Vintage White Marine would be cool, in no particular order, with a nod to Vintage White Marine a slight leader in my eye.

I know y'all love your dynas, so I won't even suggest otherwise, but I will likely pull them day one and swap some Classics in a dyna mount, and I'm ok with that.

Most specs in general that have been mentioned I'm good with. I like fully chambered. Pretty much anything else can be modded to suit me, as no one has even made the guitar I would build for myself.

I vote Ebony fretboard, though I wouldn't kick it out of bed for rosewood. Agree that ebonized rosewood isn't something I'd want.

Ya bunch of zero fret haters.... FINE!

Chrome tuners (preferably non locking, but again, I can swap later), style doesn't matter much, but the less "busy" the better I think, especially on a pearl topped guitar.

B3 V cut would also be my vote.

Wire it however you want, I cut most of it out anyway. As long as there is a Master Volume (with treble bleed if possible) I'm down.

Some kind of distinguishing mark would be appreciated, be it temporary or permanent. I'd love to see a model number with a GDP suffix, but at least want a TRC or pickguard mark. Case tag (or gold piping) would be cool.

Is this a guitar I would likely buy if not a GDP model? Nope. Is it something I would spend some serious cash on because it's a GDP model. Absolutely.

Baxter, when the time comes, put me on the list for seriously interested. I can't promise I check in here every day, but I would like to be in the loop when things get nailed down/surveyed/estimated etc.

In addition to all the things I've learned and friends I've made here, there is a staggering amount of money which I have parted with because of you jackwagons! Might as well add to the pile, y'all are pretty swell.


Missed the "point form" post. I'll cliff notes my post later into that format.


OK - I'll throw my hat in the ring......

1) pearl top color: Black - since this is predominantly what i see, when i'm here 2) neck profile: standard Gretsch C - caus'e that's what Gretschies are used to 3) pickups: stock Dynasonic - nothing wrong with SD's but let this one be a Gretsch 4 )pinned bridge - seems to make things easier. 5) bridge: Gretsch Synchrosonic Gold - just me..... 6) tuners: Schaller M6 Locking Gold - cause they goooooood! 7) hardware: All Gold 8)GDP tribute:
Orange ellipse (from the logo) with a "25" written in it on truss rod cover. Orange pickguard with text...: headline: "25th Anniversary" in gold Subline: " 'And don't be a jerk!' " in black.....

8b) definitely transfer foil/print

9) Bigsby B3G with Logo - Gold

I thought a black pearl is a good birthday-present Orange and gold will tell where she's from......

hope you like the idea


Not a Jet, but Holy Frejoles!

Look at this white pearl triple pickup beauty that Rocky had done!


Does that soften your antipathy to white pearl?


Does that soften your antipathy to white pearl?

– Proteus

Not really, but I think it looks better on a bigger guitar.

I have to admit though, the red on that site you provided looks incredible.


Cat-eyes, so Mother of Litter Box.


Not a Jet, but Holy Frejoles!

Look at this white pearl triple pickup beauty that Rocky had done!

– crowbone

Do the fingerboard dots extend up the fingerboard or are they only on the upper frets?


I hope you can straighten those guys up, In DC.

Thanks for the reply.

– Suprdave

Hay, I’m pertty strraightttt....


Not a Jet, but Holy Frejoles!

Look at this white pearl triple pickup beauty that Rocky had done!

– crowbone

I doubt that I’m in on the Jet and therefore haven’t commented much, but if I had a spare $9K, this would be sold. Like!


Not a Jet, but Holy Frejoles!

Look at this white pearl triple pickup beauty that Rocky had done!

– crowbone

I don't know how long ago this was commissioned, but it seriously has all the hallmarks of one of Cam's (CBell) CS models... cats eyes, triple mixed pickups, triple switches, and the triple diamond pattern on the 'guard AND fret markers. That diamond pattern sorta became his trademark-- he had it on several of his CS models.

I'm betting it was one of his.


Just a thought about this whole process. I do understand that there’s a lot of Chefs in this kitchen(some sturring of the pot...ha ha...joke...I know not that funny). But here’s some more pepper in the paprikash:

Should we figure out an average of what people are expecting the guitar to cost, and then use that number to list and limit the ideas of what the guitar should have? This may help with the overwhelming task of collecting ideas....My two cents anyway.....


I've put a survey together and it's currently going through quality control

Should be posted soon. Stay tuned.


I know I've kicked in some input as well, but if it turns out to be $2900.00 MSRP like in Bob Howards post # 229, then I'm likely out, as well. I understand why they are that much but that's just past my spending abilities.

So I'll be an observer from here forward.


Well, MSRP doesn't always bear that much resemblance to street price, and I do hope (for my own sake!) we can keep this thing semi-affordable. I'm feeling pretty wary of things that might push the cost up.

I don't think it'll be cheap, especially with us wanting things like upgraded Dynas and a Tru-Arc, but hopefully it'll be in reach of ordinary folks.


Alright, without further ado, here's the survey. Hopefully it'll get us to complete-ish specs to take to Rocky.

Whether you're definitely in, probably, or even probably-not-but-maybe, please fill it in:


Great idea with the survey. Done.


I am unsurprisingly surprised by the results so far.


What surprised you?

– crowbone

That you took the survey 10 times, and voted for an orange pine top, belt buckle tailpiece, leather binding and a G-Brand... every time.

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