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Electromatic G5128 Gold Sparkle question


I was looking at images of Gold Sparkle Electromatic G5128's and notices that the specs changed at some point. The f-holes went from having the flattened points like this...

2 the pointier variety like this...


Anyone know what year this occurred?


I think it happened the other way around. The pointy f holes happened earlier when it came with a fixed bridge and a Bigsby B7 (with the tension bar) and slowly improved to a floating bridge, a Bigsby B6 and smaller f holes with squared off points, but not all at the same time, between 2005 and 2007.

7 the pointier variety like this...

– tabletop

Mine looks like this (fixed bridge, pointy f-holes, Dearmond 2000's), and it's a 2004.


Mine is a 2005. I think it’s the best of both. It still has the awesome giant F-holes with points, but it has the floating bridge, thicker body, and b60.

Mine’s been modded with a USA B6 and a TV classic plus bridge pickup.


Those giant F-holes drove me nuts, but man what a awesome guitar my G6128 was. It was a 2005, B6, with the mickey mouse/pointier soundholes.

I'm only badmouthing it because it was beautiful guitar I regret selling

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