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Early Spectrasonics — Hamer Made?


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News to me. I have no dogs in this race but wouldn't Terada make them just as easily?


No idea about the Hamer part, but early Spectrasonics being made in the USA is vaguely familiar to me.


Googling Spectrasonic made by Hamer brings up lots of hits. Lots of folks citing this, even if inaccurate, it's still not an absurd claim.


I'm the seller! Send me a note or question: GDP name at yahoo dot com.

In the photos, you'll notice two serial numbers. The one on the headstock is a Hamer type number: first digit is the year and the next numbers consecutive in the series (2 0076 USA). 412651 is the other number.


I bought it from Joel at Shanghai in '04.

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