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Dynasonic changes over the years. What are the differences?


I just picked up a 2012 Cadillac Green Jet with Dynasonics. I also have a 2017 Cliff Gallup Jet. They both have Gretsch made Dynasonics as far as I can tell, but the 2012 pickups seem much brighter.

I spoke to TV Jones’ son and he speculated about the source and make of Gretsch branded Dynas, but nothing was very conclusive. He even speculated Seymour Duncan may have made some under the radar, some may come from Japan and may come from Korea.

Anyway, I’m curious what people know about the Gretsch branded models (not the T Armonds that come in some models). How have they changed, where are the manufactured, etc...


The differences between the sound of those jets may be due to more than just the pickups. I'm pretty sure the Cliff Gallup has the deeper more chambered body, whereas the 2012 is slightly slimmer and slightly less chambered. Also, doesn't the 2012 have a Melita bridge? The Gallup has the full aluminum bigsby bridge. Maybe the pickup heights and pole pieces are set differently? I'm not saying they're not different pickups; there are certainly enough years apart to possibly have some manufacturing differences, but I think those two Jet models have enough differences of their own to possibly account for some of that tonal variation. Just my two cents...


I considered that, but I think the pickup differences go beyond the differences in the guitars.


Resistance isn't everything (and sometimes it's futile), but measuring the impedance of the pickups might provide a useful data point.


There was a post by someone else recently who thought he was hearing the same thing, right? I'd be very interested in the ohm readings of the more recent ones for sure.


I kinda liked the ones in my 2017 silver jet, but not as much as my T-Armonds, now there's a big difference! Maybe the two models had different pot values?

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