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I'm new here, but have enjoyed the Gretsch pages for information over the years. I am looking at Duo Jets on line. I'm wanting one with the dynasonic pick ups. There are a few models varying in price that have those pick ups. My question is do all Duo Jets tops have the same curvature? The photos of some look fairly flat (maybe a slight curve) and others look almost like a carved arch top style curve. I'm not sure if that's actually differences in the different bodies, or if the curvature is accentuated in some photos and 'flattened out' in other photos. My preference would be a model that has more curve than less...does anyone out there know? Thanks in advance.


In my experience, they’re all similar if not identical. The same bridge bases have more or less fit the contours of Jets and hollowbodies, thinline and centerblockers alike. That is, some slight variation is possible from one example to another (because you can’t trust anything that used to be a tree) - but no intentionally and consistent different spec from model to model.


Yes, I guess I didn’t specify that. And they have the same arch as other Gretschs.


Yes, I guess I didn’t specify that. And they have the same arch as other Gretschs.

– Proteus

The fact that Duo Jets are more similar in construction to hollow body Gretsch guitars than they are to other solid body guitars is another reason why I love them.

Other guitars may be the better tool for certain situations but the Duo Jet is the foundation guitar I used for every song I've been recording. It's frequencies are focused on the midrange and it blends well with other guitars and other instruments in a mix.


thanks for the quick responses. I have a modern Country Gentlenman that I really dig. it's my only contemporary electric . I really dig the Duo Sonic look and imagine it would be a lighter guitar and more compact. Have you all played both the Duo Jet and Country Gentleman? is there a big sound difference? I'm wondering if the new purchase is worth it...i really dig a lot of those early Duo Jet players...


Yes, I have both Gents and Jets. They’re very different. Dynasonics are their own breed, set apart by a unique and distinctive tone and response. Nothing else sounds like them.

I suppose “nothing else sounds like them” could be good or bad, but in this case it’s a very good thing. I have way too many guitars, and my Dyna Jet would be one of the last - if not the last - I would ever part with.

They’re apparently not for everyone, but I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone.

In the Gretsch domain, there are three classic and quite distinctive pickups, which - along with body type - determine the tone and nature of the guitar. Dynasonic, Filter’Tron, HiLo’Tron. It’s hard to mistake them for each other. The only pair of pro-line Gretschs which might sound more different than an ElectroTone (thin hollowbody) Filter’Tron Gent and a chambered Dyna Jet would be a solidbody with HiLos (none currently in the line) and a full deep hollowbody with Filters.

So with a Gent and a Dyna Jet, you’d have an awful lot of Gretsch bases covered. If you wanted to finish out a comprehensive palette of Gretsch tones, you’d add a Tennessee Rose with HiLos and choice of 6120 or Falcon/Country Club.


"They’re apparently not for everyone, but I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone." - Proteus

That made me laugh this morning!


thanks again for the quick responses! It's funny all I own right now are arch tops and in my quest to find a solid body I'd buy, I end up with a non solid body like the Duo Jet...i just love that sound


You have to be aware that the Players Edition models have a different neck angle that is not the same as traditional Duo Jets. Not sure if the top is the same or the same chambered body. But I think those only come with a Filtertron variation.


I recently got a vintage select ‘57 Dou Jet and love it. It is lightweight and SUBSTANTIALLY hollow. Great sound with the TV Jones pickups too. I highly recommend one.

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