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Duane Eddy Setup Day


As some of you know, I recently purchased a 6120DE from a fellow forum member. Well, I finally had a chance to give her a setup today, and I have to say that I'm even happier with the guitar now (which I didn't think was possible)!

Here's the list of things I did today: - Polished with Virtuoso cleaner and polish - Conditioned the fretboard - Tightened all pots, and input jack - Put .11's on - Re-intonated the bridge - Slight truss rod adjustment - Shimmed the Bigsby spring with a 2016 penny (my daughter's birthyear) - Installed gold Schaller strap locks - Adjusted the pole piece heights using Setzer's drawing as a guideline

Once this was done, I plugged her in and wailed away for a while. However, there was one more adjustment to be made, as I found the neck pickup to be a bit too boomy. I ended up following Tavo and BuddyHollywood's advice about flipping the pickup around 180*. The previous owner had already done that with the bridge pickup, and it sounds wonderful there, but I had to try it with the neck pickup. The procedure gave me the tone I was looking for, as now the neck matches the bridge pickup a lot more, and the middle position sounds more articulate. In addition, while I was in there, I wrapped rubber bands around the pole pieces to prevent any rattling within the pickups.

All told, it was a very productive day, and now I have a Duane Eddy that sounds better than it did before (to my ears of course)!


Nothing like getting into every nook and cranny on a guitar to get acquainted and kick-start the bonding process.

Glad you're enjoying it. As 16" Dynasonic 6120s go, it just doesn't get better than the DE model!


My wife just gives me that look when I get a New guitar and start tearing it apart. I just bought a new 6120-55 vs and only played it a few minutes and started tearing into it. It took less work than most. The biggest thing was getting the aluminum nut down where I wanted it. Great playing guitar and a great sound, guess I should go back playing in a band. Oh ya I also added a truArc stainless bridge.



This is great to read! I'm glad the pickups came into focus for you too. I wasn't sure how the Dynasonics being flipped would benefit a 16" hollow body compared to the way they do on my Duo Jet.


HA, my wife doesn't question me about that kind of stuff anymore. With the amount of guitars that have come in and out of my life, it's hard for her to keep up.

@BuddyHollywood I actually flipped the bridge pickup shortly after this post as well, and I'm a bit on the fence about it. The middle position definitely sounds more pronounced now, but the bridge position is almost a bit too "snappy" for me (for lack of a better term). I was actually very shocked by how big of a difference it made in the neck position, and would recommend anyone with a Dyna'd guitar to give it a shot. The best part about it is that it only takes 5 minutes to reverse the results!


My wife doesn't question what I buy, just all the steps I go through when setting them up. It's kind of like here he goes again. She doesn't complain when I do it to her guitars. She plays and sings and has a guitar that is way more expensive than any I have.



It's all just part of playing guitar. It's important to set it up how you like. Be grateful we don't play oboe or bassoon - then you pretty much have to learn how to make the double reeds needed to play the instrument. I don't know any players of double-reed instruments who buy reeds off the shelf.

I think my wife likes seeing me set a guitar up. It's quieter than when I play it.


love this post, I did a full on set up on my (new to me 6120 DS) last night. Clean/polish with virtuoso, clean/condition fret board with guitar honey, put my usual D'adario 10.5-48, intonate bridge, disassemble bigsby handle and de burr little spring clean parts and re assemble, tune and set action, oil the tuners and adjust their tension screws for smooth operation
. Truss rod was good to go.

Accompanied by a bit of Glen Moray, a fine evening


Interesting, thanks. I didn't see the discussion about flipping the pickups: why is it effective? I just bought T-Armonds to install in my 6118T, so I I would appreciate any input.


Interesting, thanks. I didn't see the discussion about flipping the pickups: why is it effective? I just bought T-Armonds to install in my 6118T, so I I would appreciate any input.

– Scorpio

It's really about the positioning of the magnets. The easiest way to put it is: if the magnets are closer towards the neck, you get a boomier low end, and if they're closer to the bridge, more twang. Try it for yourself! It'll only take you 5 minutes to reverse the mod.

As for the discussion, this is where I found it:



Thanks, I may well try this just out of curiosity.

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