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Do you use your Bigsby much?


i used to use it a lot, especially on my ES335 before it got broken. now i only have one guitar with a Bigsby, and don't play that one much. i've kind of gotten away from the Neil Young stuff that i used to use it on.



Simply cant play electric without one.


As I play more and more I use the Bigsby less and less. I think it's because I'm getting more expressive with my left hand vibrato.


Let's just say that I put a Bigsby on my acoustic...


Its strictly a decoration.. Except on one song.


I do a lot of Ventures stuff, so the Bigsby does get used. Even if you don't need it, a Bigsby has so many side benefits. It looks cool, adds balance to a neck-heavy guitar and it makes a nice solid anchor point for your strings. I had a friend who replaced his broken Gibson trapeze tailpiece with a Bigsby because it was cheaper than buying a period vintage replacement.


I sleep better just knowing it's there.

– Lacking Talent

Same here. I don't use it as much as I could, but also think guitars (especially Gretsches) look better with them.


I hate tuning my guitar and I figured out a while back that if I use the Bigsby a lot, nobody can tell I'm out of tune.

In truth, I almost never use it.


Always, on everything. I can't play without one.


Always, on everything. I can't play without one.

– Billy Zoom


No bigsby. No rock and roll. Adds a little crazy to everything.

As reverend Horton heat once wrote. Need a wiggle stick.

All of my idols use one. Billy Z. At the top.


If a guitar has no Bigsby (or other trem) my hand is always on the search. It adds so much to my playing and the effect brings a lot of fun.

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