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Do you use your Bigsby much?


Yes, because you cant play "Guns Of Brixton" without it.


I use mine only a little, which is exactly the right amount!


some o' you dudes are very funny... best one ------ "I sleep better just knowing it's there"


Using the Bigsby is a significant percentage of my guitar playing experience. I haven't been able to buy a Gretsch without one even though I dig the look of the Cadillac G tailpiece.


some o' you dudes are very funny... best one ------ "I sleep better just knowing it's there"

No kidding, that's kind of how I feel. A guitar with no vibrato makes me nervous. As though a life or death dilemma that can only be solved with a judicious application of shimmer will arise at any moment.


When I use up all my licks in the first 15 minutes of the set, I rely on the Bigsby for the rest of it.

– Jonathan A. Sipes......maker of aluminum dust.

Made me chuckle.


All the time... Just wouldn't be a Gretsch without one.


I look stupid grabbing air with my right hand while playing Rumble In Brighton on a Tele.


Can't get by without one, unless I'm playing my Strat.


could do what cooder did..hah



I wiggle the hell out of it for pedal steel emulations, but also enjoy preloading it and coming up to pitch.


All the time, but I use it so subtlety, no one notices.


I always hated the vibrato bridges on other guitars; I'll wedge wood blocks in them to stop them from moving, but once I got my HiLo tenny, I couldn't get enough of it. The HiLo tenny feeds back a lot quicker than my other guitars, and if you set up your amp's gain just right, you can let the chords ring out into light feedback, and use the Bigsby to control it and make it sing. It's my favorite thing about the guitar.


I use my bigsby as much as possible! But yes, I use it in almost every song I write.


Yes I love Bigsbys. I have a few Gretsches, a couple Reverends and even a BC Rich Dagger with Bigsbys. My Gretches are FMIC and have the USA vibratos. My Reverends and BC Rich have the import licensed vibratos. All my Bigsbys stay in tune. It's all about a properly cut nut and stretching the strings everywhere.


Rarely, i have it in rest position most of the time but i enjoy it now and again. I have realized its a skill and needs work like any other musical thing otherwise its just an uncoordinated wobble!


As much as possible!


A Gretsch without a Bigsby is wrong. It's like, um, another really good guitar that you would want a Bigsby on but doesn't.

I also really like a vintage Strat trem. There is something about a Strat trem - use some long delay or reverb and it can sound angelic. But I love the Bigsby on my 6120. As someone else noted, it's so much fun to use when sustaining a note with feedback.

In a band I was in a while back we played some Shadows instrumentals like Apache. They went down surprisingly well and you just have to have a whammy for that stuff. The Bigsby is perfect.


I just got my first bigsbyfied Gretsch recently. Never used one much and now I'll think "Oh, I can use the bigsby on this part." But then when I get there I forget. Still working on it.


I'm just learning the touch. My guitar Sensei told me that, while I'm just learning my way around the 5420T, to gently explore the T-Bar and use it sparingly.


At this moment, only one of my guitars has a Bigsby (my 6120). That must be rectified. I had one on my Tele, but I didn't care for the B5. Maybe I'd get along with the B16 better...

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