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Difference between the G5655T vs G5655TG


Has anyone picked up what the difference is between the G5655T and the G5655TG is, besides the colors offered?

I've seen videos of the G5655T and the crunch sound is glorious, but I was more partial to the color schemes of the G5655TG. Are they the same? The descriptions on Gretsch's website don't say much and even list the same pickups (although this can be a misnomer, as apparently the pickups are slightly different between the G5220 and G5222 even though they have the same description.)

Anybody have any insight?





The "G" at the end stands for Gold, as in hardware. The "G" less version has nickel hardware.


Welcome to the GDP (Gretsch Discussion Pages), tomich, I'm glad you found us.

I concur with Parabar. I did a comparative look over (on the the website) and they appear to be identical other than one has chrome hardware and pickups, and the other has gold plated hardware and pickups. Everything else, other than the price, looks to be the same.

I have a G5422TG, a 16" wide hollow body with gold hardware. It's very nicely plated, and looks very pretty.


I assumed that the change was solely cosmetic, but just checking. The videos I've seen of the new G5655T version displayed a phenomenal crunch sound! There's about three Gretsches I want to get at the moment: G5655T, a G5222, and a G6228. This brand makes for some serious GAS, I'll tell you!


This brand makes for some serious GAS, I'll tell you! tomich

Doesn't it though? I played mostly Fenders and Gibsons for over four decades. I found Gretsch about three years ago, and I've been hooked ever since! I just bought my second Gretsch, a G6131T. It's a Firebird Duo Jet, and just as nice as can be :)

The entire Gretsch line is very good quality, even the budget priced Streamliners are very well made. I think Gretsch is an industry leader in quality at all price points, for their new instruments.

From my understanding, once FMIC (Fender Musical Instrument Corporation) took over production and marketing (Fred Gretsch still retains ownership), in 2003, the quality of all the all their guitars became better. What I do know, from my own experience, is that the two Gretsch guitars I own are top drawer!

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