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Deal Of The Day” G2627T - Slightly Upgraded…


S-D Phat Cat + TVJ T-Armond + S-D Psyclone Extra "Gretschy" Bits...

Still need to tweak pickup height some more, the P-90 sounds a bit dark, and there's something funky going on with the Psyclone. But the middle T-Armond sounds amazing, clean and dirty.

All-in (including shipping) is $902 (everything was bought new).


What means "something funky"? Since it's followed by "but," I assume this means funky-bad, not funk-funky (which would be good).

I suppose you've double-checked the wiring? With 4 wires, you gotta pay attention - unless you mean to get only one coil or the other. If funky means noisy...always check grounding.

But I'd switch the P90 and the Psyclone right off the bat. I like fat at the bridge - and while a Filter'Tron (depending on the wind and one's taste) can obviously be great at the's pretty much never wrong at the neck. (Though I assume you got the slightly overwound version of the Psyclone for bridge position, which might be too warm at the neck. Still, you can crank the pickup body down to lighten it up.)


I've got to double-check the wiring -probably a short or something in there. Yeah, the Psyclone is a "bridge" model and the others are "neck" versions...

I thought about putting the Psyclone up front (neck) but in the end I figured I prefer the neck pickup on just about everything I play and would rather have the P-90 there. I can live with a humbucker in the bridge position.

The wiring / switching on this thing is a mess... what would be a mud switch is the middle pickup ON/OFF/ISOLATE switch and I figured if there was one pickup I'd like that for, it was the T-Armond. Otherwise, I would have probably wired it Psyclone (neck), P-90 (middle), and T-Armond (bridge).


And...I would put the T'Armond at the neck.

Cool guitar!


And...I would put the T'Armond at the neck.

Cool guitar!

– BuddyHollywood

You know, I was half-tempted to make them "quick connects" so that I could swap positions...


Checked the wiring on the Psyclone -fixed now! Sounds at least as good as my 6120!


Completely unscientific assessment is that it is lighter than my '03 6120, and about the same as my LP Studio.

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