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Hey folks:

I was just spending some free time cruising youtube and I noticed this great tour of the Gretsch Custom Shop.

So the question much does it cost to get a guitar custom made? Has anyone done it? What was the experience like?

I'd love to do it, and my very good friend of almost 20 years is a gretsch player too, how awesome would it be to get to take a tour with him that ends with him getting a custom axe.

I've played a tenn rose for a long time as my primary guitar, but I've always wanted something along the lines of a silver falcon, but with my own additions and so forth.

basically I'm wondering what are the ball park figures for a custom gretsch? how far and wide do i have to dream to make it a reality?


I'm mid-way on a custom shop order so I don't have a complete story, mine is due around June or so. The process so far is great but you need to know what you want down to the detail, that's the good and bad news. As far as prices, I'm sure a solid body is less than say a falcon. You might want to use custom shop guitars out on the market as a price guide but be careful because custom items can really add to the cost. Custom wound pickups can surprise you for instance. I don't have a firm price for mine yet due to some recent changes.

I'm sure any Gretsch dealer can help, it takes almost 18 months, but I favor Rocky at Street Sounds, he has been great.


thanks! can you give the details on what you ordered? or is it like a surprise? haha...I'm really interested to know like all the exact details you need to give when ordering. part of me would want a lot of the same specifications on my rose to be on a custom guitar.


From what I've seen,if you have to ask the price,it's above your pay grade. I'd be speculating(because it's above MY pay grade for sure),but you're probably starting in the mid to high four figures and going up from there.Probably way up.


yeah, i've heard the classic "if you have to ask, it's too much" but i'm asking anyway, dagummit! I'm in school right now and with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work I'm gonna pull in a nice paycheck in a few years, so I'm gettin my list together of the gear i would like, hahaha...


You can spec everything and anything. For instance, obvious choices such as color, body style and pickups start the process but from there things get detailed. I had to sit back and re-think things because if I just wanted a Falcon lets say with a Bigsby or different pickups well, then it would be much cheaper/quicker to just buy a stock Falcon in the color I want and swap pickups or add a Bigsby. Fret wire, fret wood, inlays, headstock, bracing, pickup custom options, binding, bridge, tuners, controls, zero fret, tail piece, scale, f holes and the list goes on. It made me think about every little detail in a different light. From a certain point of view its fun.


A Jet with 25.5" scale, dynas and a bigsby would be cool.


I'm already married! but I'm married to a musician, so usually gear expenses are seen as legit.

and I'm probably going to end up teaching and consulting once I'm done. Crime analysis pays pretty well, mixed with teaching it should be... lucrative.


Cbell: that sounds like my idea of a good time, hahaha


Yeah, who said crime doesn't pay... :D


Penguins that are custom shop are sold at some shops for about $4500-$5000

I asked GSC how much a cusotm White Falcon would be, and they said about $8500. I basically requested an exact replica of the '59 Stereo Falcon, but with an 18" wide body. I decided now to stick with 17", so maybe that'd help make it cheaper.

Good luck! :D


I would like to go down this route sometime, but to me the made in USA stamp is no more or less desirable than Made in Japan (which says great things for the quality of Terada) so if the latter was to be cheaper I'd happily go that way. Are all custom orders strictly through the US Custom Shop? That might sound a silly question, perhaps it is, but just wondering.

I'm assuming my custom order (Falcon style) would be somewhere in the vicinity of $8000-10,000 but perhaps I'm wrong.


You are not wrong


ah thought that may be the case. Maybe I'd be better off stripping a Phoenix and respraying it.


Used custom shop model do pop up from time to time. They can be much more reasonable.

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