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I noticed that there seem to be a lot of Stephen Stern CS guitars around these days. I know Fender CS has become more a top end of the production line these days as they are everywhere, but my curiosity about Gretsch is how many CS guitars are made in a year? Given the number there seem to be around, it seems like too much for one person to build. Hasn’t stopped me putting a down payment on a Stern G6136 DC 1962 CS guitar but made me curious


I had a tour of the custom shop a few weeks ago, and it's not just him, there's maybe a half dozen other people working there. We probably only see his name because he's head of the shop.


If you are at all curious about the Custom Shop you owe it to yourself to tour it via the website. It's fascinating and well worth your time.


If I remember correct they celebrated their 1000th guitar not too long ago.


Watched the video - I was just curious as, unlik Fender which has master builders and team built guitars, then just plain custom shop, every Gretsch has Stephen Sterns name on it and it seemed a hell of a workload for one person. It seems more like he oversees operations and doesn’t build each guitar

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