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Custom Shop Paisley Double-Cut Jet



This is just exquisite. Stern is knocking it out of the park with these, which really redefine the whole idea of a paisley guitar. The paisley looks almost like lace and the faded gold looks so right. Love the new silver thread case too.


I'm not a giant fan of anything Paisley, but I am of this.


This is the coolest looking ugly guitar I have ever seen.


I love it! except for the old man gold plate. Lil bit of turtle wax n elbow grease while whipe that away


If the hardware was new shiny gold, I'd be less impressed... but that faux patina worn gold on the black/silver body is really a nice look (IMHO).


Yooo Mamma! Never been a fan of double cutaway Jets but that one is..... WOW!


Oh Yeah! I prefer double cuts for the symmetry and and access.


I am with the anti-gold-hardware crowd. But this hardware looks almost like aged brass. And I kinda like it.


Pfft. No Tru Arc. I ain’t buyin’ it.


I hate paisley. Why do I love this guitar? Wow!


gold shouldn't work but it kinda does. paisley shouldn't work but it kinda does. double cut shouldn't work and it still doesn't because it never does but they don't learn and they keep wasting sweet ideas on double cut jets/penguins and that's just a shame.

gretsch keeps hitting the "better than it should be" sweet spot, but that's a different spot than "great". not always sure how to feel about some of these newer ones, but i guess that's the fun and the point of special runs and custom shop models.


Im sorry, but this one really really ringsa ma bell, outstanding work from stem to "Stern", and I'm not even a gold hardware Fan


I’m with you Norm. The black one is simply beautiful and I would be afraid of dinging it. The gold one is beautiful too but looks like it wants to be played.


No Tru Arc. I ain’t buyin’ it.

I think these DO have Tru-Arcs on them. I can just make out that there's some detail on the front upper curve of the bridge by the high E-string - which would be our stamped logo.

I do get regular orders for the Custom Shop. Also, Tru-Arcs are unplated, making it mondo easier to age/relic than a plated bridge.

I do wish the published descriptions would always specify Tru-Arc.

Of course I suppose the bridges could not be Tru-Arc, too. But I prefer to think they are.

I don't know how this works - I'm not a fan of paisley Teles, but every CS paisley Gretsch I've seen has appealed to me. Either of these would look great under my Kwitsmuts Twee.

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