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Custom Shop Black Korina Jet with Staples


The more I look, the more I'm intrigued.


Of course, it could only be a Custom Shop.


Looks like something pre-FMIC would make. Mixing era features like scripty with thumbnails and that, IMO, horrible V-stop.

Beauty is in the eye of the is ugly.


The more I look, the more I'm intrigued.

Sorry John. You should look less. I have no issue with the pickups, but I’m afraid the wood...well, I’m afraid of the wood. If ever a wood was made for a nice Nitron sparkle top...


I like it. Great looking top and the "V" tailpiece looks just right for a non Bigsby Gretsch.


This thread is a great testament to the "Beauty is subjective" subject.

For me, there are some things I like about it but


I like it.... I’m not crazy about the headstock logo for this guitar. I generally don’t like the “V” stop tailpiece but It works on this guitar. It mirrors the lines of the double cutaway.


The only thing I find unattractive is the price!


The double cut is a plus while the absence of a Bigsby is a negative. The pickups are interesting. My first reaction was meh. However, I recall seeing a finish something like that on another Stern guitar and having a similar reaction and became an instant believer when seeing it in person. Except for the Bigsby issue, it could be a winner.

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