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Which of the Gretsch hollow bodies that are in the current line have a body depth of MORE than 2"?


Just doing a quick peruse on the sight I can see the Rat rod is 2.5" and "some" streamliners are 2.75". I gave up after that.


By far most hollowbodies in all three Gretsch series are at least 2.25". Even Gents are a touch over 2". Centerblock models, different story.

And yep, the specs are on Gretsch's site.


Thanks for the help, guys, but I went to the Gretsch site and I don't see the body depth on anything except one White Falcon. Where is it listed? (yes, I'm the first to admit that I'm a techno nerd!)


Well, for the site you could start by clicking on GEAR. In the drop-down, choose your search group - but Hollow Bodies would make sense for you. That will bring up a panel with 12 large thumbnails of guitars that match the search. Click on any guitar you're interested in. On the detail page, click "Body" in the small sub-menu (under the thin line beneath the orange LOCAL DEALERS button). The spec you want is included in most listings (though a few might omit it).



Thank you! I had everything up to the last pull down under "body." Much appreciated!


Yeah, these hip young web designers think it's cool not to draw attention to links with color, underline, bolding, or anything. I guess it's assumed that anything might be a link (and it would be both cool and a special sort of nightmare if that was so)...or they enjoy making users play click-and-hope till they get lucky.

These kids today.


Remember back in the '60s when websites were so much easier to navigate?


Charlotte's was my fave back in the 60s.


Hey--that's from a short story by Neil Gaiman!

And she's still out there. In Rome. Troy. On a galactic cruiser in the future!


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