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CS Whiskey Barrel Jet


Given the time frame and Rocky’s association with the guitar, I can’t help but wonder if Cam was the intended buyer. But then again he might have wanted a third pick up.


If Cam didn't in fact help commission it (with Rocky), and wasn't the intended buyer - he was certainly a likely buyer for any Gretsch CS instrument in Brooklyn!


Stand up all you like - I'm gonna complain about the price! I'm not really complaining, just moaning. To me there's a difference. I'll definitely never be one of those rich guys and I don't care because there is more to life than money and stuff. But I do like that guitar.

Slim I do kind of mean like crate amps - but without them looking like packing crates. My idea - depending on what sort of timber I can find - is to dress the timber on the inside and edges where I would need to join it but leave the weathered timber on the outside. So the cab would look like an old tweed style cab but have a weathered looking exterior.

Trouble is that here in Western Australia we don't have the range of work-friendly timbers that you do in the northern hemisphere. Our native trees are mostly hardwoods and extremely hard and heavy - often prone to movement and cracking too. My dream is to find some wide softwood planks but they are very rare here.


I have to admit that the more I look at it the more I like it.

However: Ended on 3/5/19 @ 3:36 A.M.PST. Congrats to somebody. Hopefully it shows up as an NGD here. Rocky picked a winner here.


Don't have the cash and I'd have to learn how to play left handed. Come to think of it, maybe that would be an improvement.

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