Modern Gretsch Guitars

Could you gig with this? Green sparkle alert.


I got a Cadillac Green Country Club I’d trade for a sparkle hot rod... for sure!


I like the colour but don't fancy gigging it! I really like the simplicity of the Hotrods.

When I worked in a music store my boss would never order green guitars because he always had trouble selling them. I think the exception is surf green on a Strat. A surf green Strat with a rosewood board is a beautiful guitar.

Overall though I don't really care for blue or green for guitars.

– JimmyR

True. The only green guitar I own.


I'm a burgundy, red or burst guy, but I have to admit that green sparkle looks pretty cool!


I don't have one, but would surely like to. And, you bet, I'd gig with it!


I love a green guitar. There is, however, no excuse for a blue guitar.


I'm a big fan of the way this guy does Sparkle paint. This is a seafoam green. And to answer the question, I was actually just looking at that new Gretsch green Sparkle Hotrod the last few days. I dig it.

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