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Could you gig with this? Green sparkle alert.


Had this in the workshop, a Setzer Hot Rod. A pretty good guitar but green sparkle? Yikes.


I have a thing with green guitars, apart from Caddy green of course. I do like the simple controls set up.


The more offensive the appearance, the more likely I am to gig with it.


This is the only other green guitar I like. Good enough for the Pelvis.


I don’t find it the least bit offensive. It’s the second prettiest sparkle, next to red.


Not for me, can't really think of any green guitars I'd like to have


I know a guy who does gig with a green sparkle Setzer Hot Rod. Not for me. About the only green I can handle is Cadillac green, and the only sparkle I can handle is a Silver Jet. And my acceptance of those are almost certainly 99% the result of 25 years to get comfortable with them.


A nice, dark Royal Blue sparkle would have me... Green, not so much.


Yet...sparkle has always been perfect on drums.


I like Sherwood Green - especially when faded and not too sparkly anymore. Looks great on a Fender with rosewood board.

Didn't you build a Sherwood Green Tele once, Tony?


That green is absolutely lovely but the guitar needs the rest of its controls!


I say any sparkle finish is good.


I say any sparkle finish is good.

– DCBirdMan

That red sparkle you produced awhile back was just spectacular!


I wouldn't mind a green or gold sparkle jet!


I like the colour but don't fancy gigging it! I really like the simplicity of the Hotrods.

When I worked in a music store my boss would never order green guitars because he always had trouble selling them. I think the exception is surf green on a Strat. A surf green Strat with a rosewood board is a beautiful guitar.

Overall though I don't really care for blue or green for guitars.


I love sparkle guitars!


Great for a Christmas tour!


Oh hell yes I could!


I did for a bit. I found the 2.75" body really hard to deal with in getting to the upper frets. And unless you're under really bright stage lights, it was a somewhat blotchy dark avocado color, instead of Brian's original two Anti-Freeze Green Hot Rods, which were bright and mesmerizing on stage.

The Oct. 2019 revision to that model is back to 2.5" and a light color, it seems! Hooray for that!


Cadillac Green is the only green for me

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