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Contacting Paul Setzer


Hey, Guys & Gals. I'm trying to contact Paul Setzer in order to have a pickguard made and was told the number I have ( (828) 464-0603) is no longer in service. Any help?


His site setzersigns is on Photobucket.


setzersigns at gmail dot com

– Bob Howard

It used to be at yahoo. Is that one defunct?


Don't know. I use this one and it works.


The one at yahoo is still good too.

I just didn't see the need for a landline anymore, since having a mobile, and got rid of it about two years ago.

I had a business number for my sign shop for over 20 years!

I will note here that domestic life & delivering mail daily at the local post office has slowed me down on making pickguards and parts. I'm not turning them out as fast as I used to.


Hey, Paul. I will contact you via email. It's a custom guard for a Rancher. Awhile back, I had you make one for the upper bout and since then I'd like a new one on the lower bout so that it extends up to the cutaway. I will furnish you a pattern. There is no big rush, but my first question is, do you have some of the Rancher type thin one-ply tortoise on hand or do I need to order a sheet?


Hey JPD, order some. I don't think I have anymore of that...but I'll check. if I do it's scrap and probably not big enough to do what your wanting.


Hey Paul - i sent you a couple emails about some stuff I'm interested in. If you get a chance please take a look and get back with me. I hope you are still doing this - I've read a lot of good things. Thanks in advance. David


Hey, Paul! I was just thinking the other day about that buffer I need to get from you to fix. I need a few little decals, too. And maybe some Dyna pickup spacers.

Let's connect!


And I'm ready to proceed on the pickguard project we've discussed a couple of times...anytime would be good for me.


Ha! Looks like Paul needs to be cloned! Talented people are BUSY people indeed !


This stream made me laugh, really laugh. Thanks. I love us all.


And can I please have a clear pick-guard for my 2012 G6120??

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