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cloudy finish?


Just a quick question on the finish on 2 of my Gretsch guitars. I have a 6122-59 and a 6122-58, both are starting to get a cloudy look to the finish. They are both from 2003. The finish on the 59 is much worse that the 58, and it is a few months older also. The finish looks like lacquer sprayed on a humid day. A blush as we used to call it in the auto trade. Has anyone seen this on any of there older Gretsch guitars? It has to be looked at in the bright sun light to see.



Sounds like moisture under the when ya stream off a neck? I thought i'd heat up my Gibson LG top to fix belly bow with an iron and a damp towel....should have skipped the "damp"! It worked perfectly and held, but the finish became cloudy.

I put the iron on light, laid down a tea towel and lightly/quickly went over the cloudy parts. Removed it! Also have done this on furniture.


Yes, I have the same problem with my '04 Silver Falcon, which is visible in any sort of light. I'd love to know if it clouds or tarnishes the silver sparkle underneath, as I'd like to get the clear coat stripped back on at least the headstock faceplate, and done again with no vintage tint in it.

Also, the thing to remember too is that Gibson's have nitro finishes, whereas modern production Gretsches have a poly finish.


I know the problem when you spray lacquer due to moisture. I painted cars for a living for over 40 years. I have never seen it in a poly finish and have never seen it happen years after it was painted. The guitars have been in the case for about 3 years with very minimal time out for 3 years. The guitars have only been polished with Dunlop 65, don't believe that could cause it. I just don't know.


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