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Clear pickguard for 6118T (P. Setzer?)


I've decided (after 16 years) that i still don't like the dark green Gretsch logo guard on my Annie. I know the esteemed Mr. Setzer has helped others in the past, and if he sees this I will be thrilled to hear from him. If not, are there alternatives? Thanks.


Wet-sand the paint from the back with super-fine paper (like 1200 and up). It’ll take awhile (watch some TV during), but you’ll finally get to clear, just slightly frosted from the sandpaper. (And it’s easy to leave paint in the embossed logo.)

Then follow up with progressively finer polishing compounds, and you can get it as smooth and clear as you’d like.

I’ve done this on a couple guitars, always with factory-quality results.

But it also could be cool frosted - so you could sand with lower grits to taste.


Finally got around to it. I think it's done now.


It's a good look. I bought a clear pickguard from Duke Kramer in the late 80s for my 6125.


It looks good, Scorpio!

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